Certified Professional Corporate Speaker

The IACS has partnered with the Bill Gove Speech Workshop as the official training program for all IACS designations. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop has trained more successful professional presenters and speakers than any other organization in the world since 1947.

The Certified Professional Corporate Presenter designation is earned upon successful completion of the Bill Gove Certified Professional Corporate Speaker Program.

This 24-month, video based, comprehensive follow up program is the highest earned designation of the International Association of Corporate Speakers. Like the C.C.S. designation, this program is a home study course that enables you to submit videotapes on a monthly basis and receive detailed professional coaching.

Executives that hold the C.C.S. designation can apply their 12 months of videotapes to the C.P.C.S. designation. The Certified Professional Corporate Speaker is the equivalent of a doctorate degree in professional speaking skills. This process prepares executives to be able to charge fees for their speaking engagements, although this is not required for acceptance into the program. Some executives simply wish to take their speaking skills to the highest level to increase their level of impact within their corporate roles.

Corporate Presenter

The Corporate Presenter has been trained on how to create excitement using slides, flipcharts and power point with data and statistically oriented content.
Corporate Speaker

The Corporate Speaker has been trained on how to create excitement with any audience under even the most challenging conditions, from the boardroom to the ballroom.
Certified Corporate Speaker

Certified Corporate Speaker has completed 12 months of comprehensive training and coaching and has passed both a written exam and speaking audition.
Certified Professional Corporate Speaker

Certified Professional Corporate Speaker—The C.P.C.S. has completed 24 months of comprehensive professional presentation and speech training and passed an exhaustive series of auditions.