Corporate Speaker

The IACS has partnered with the Bill Gove Speech Workshop as the official training program for all IACS designations. The Bill Gove Speech Workshop has trained more successful professional presenters and speakers than any other organization in the world since 1947.

The Corporate Speaker designation is earned upon successful completion of the Bill Gove Executive Speech Workshop.

This 20-hour workshop is has been called the "Harvard of Professional Speaking Schools." Since 1947, business executives, politicians, and celebrities from around the world have attended this unique program. Many graduates have gone on to world-class success utilizing the skills they learned in this workshop. More million-dollar professional speakers have been trained in this program than any other in the history of the industry. With these kinds of results and a 60-year track record, imagine what this training could do for your career and your company.

Each participant will be presenting multiple times and all presentations and feedback will be videotaped. You'll take home all of your speeches on videotape for further study and review. You'll receive instant feedback from your Bill Gove instructor team following each presentation and given specific feedback on what to work on for your next speech. Other attendees will offer both written and verbal feedback to you, based on the Bill Gove system. You'll learn exactly what to look for in other speaker's presentations, which will make you more aware of how to improve your own.

In this 20 hour session you will learn:
  1. How to bring out your unique personality to connect with audiences
  2. How and When to use Power Point
  3. How to inspire and motivate any audience
  4. How establish yourself as a strong leader through your presentation style
  5. How to use the power of the platform to persuade employees and customers
  6. How to use the Bill Gove patented conversational style to bond with audiences
  7. How to write speeches like a professional speaker
  8. How to use emotion to grab your audiences attention
  9. How and When to shock your audience for added impact
  10. How to present in a boardroom as compared to a ballroom
  11. How to deliver bad news in a good way
  12. How to build trust and gain support from the platform

..and much more

This small group workshop (20 people or less) will equip you with professional presentation delivery skills as well as professional speech writing skills. You'll learn how to be totally prepared for last minute presentations and make it look like you've invested weeks getting ready.

At the end of the workshop you will be awarded the Corporate Speaker Designation (C.S.) sanctioned by the International Association of Corporate Speakers. This award proves you have successfully completed 20 hours of the most sophisticated presentation training offered in the business world today. This designation will further differentiate you from other executives and enhance your professional marketability. The Corporate Speaker Designation also affords you the opportunity to audition for a local chapter of the Bill Gove Speech Club, with the elevated status of a certified graduate.

Corporate Presenter

The Corporate Presenter has been trained on how to create excitement using slides, flipcharts and power point with data and statistically oriented content.
Corporate Speaker

The Corporate Speaker has been trained on how to create excitement with any audience under even the most challenging conditions, from the boardroom to the ballroom.
Certified Corporate Speaker

Certified Corporate Speaker has completed 12 months of comprehensive training and coaching and has passed both a written exam and speaking audition.
Certified Professional Corporate Speaker

Certified Professional Corporate Speaker—The C.P.C.S. has completed 24 months of comprehensive professional presentation and speech training and passed an exhaustive series of auditions.